Real change requires more than an academic approach. InnerChange programs are custom designed to create the deeper, lasting changes within an organization that personally involve employees and managers, earning the commitment necessary to produce measurable, long term results. 

While every project is different, our programs are implemented through several clear-cut stages.

1. We begin by building a solid foundation of understanding. Through informal meetings, small focus group sessions, individual interviews or other techniques, we gain the knowledge we need about your objectives, people, resources, and competition. In this initial stage, we also develop a personal vision of your organization's character and style that will later be reflected in all of our work with you.

2. With specific change objectives defined and clarified, we analyze the opportunities available to achieve your objectives. To capture these opportunities, we draw on a full range of consulting and training services. In every case, our approaches are rooted in the experience of the people you want to reach within your organization. Approval meetings and presentations within this project development process continue our close collaboration with the client. 

3. With the strategy approved and – if necessary – tested, we begin the implementation phase. Our goal is not only to present and develop new ideas, but to help people apply these concepts to their individual performance. We create an effective strategy for change, and we provide the skills and tools to put that strategy to work.

4. To assure continuing results, all our work places emphasis on the crucial follow-up phase – enabling our clients to monitor and manage the inner change within their organization that creates the lasting difference in performance.